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Gas and Boiler Leaks

A leaking boiler can cause you all kinds of problems but with our gas and boiler leaks Birmingham service, this is something you don’t have to suffer through. There are many reasons why a boiler can leak including poor installation, worn fittings and wrong pressure settings. However, not addressing a leaking boiler quickly can result in other problems such as water pooling in certain spots and this can cause damage to the things around the boiler. A leaking boiler also means that a lot of heat is being wasted and therefore you can expect much higher energy bills at the end of the month. Leaks also result in pressure fluctuations that can damage your central heating.

Compared to a boiler leaking steam, a gas leak is a much more serious problem. The gases used to fuel boilers are highly combustible and will be ignited by a spark or a naked flame. A gas leak in your boiler system is not something you can postpone dealing with until a more convenient time due to the safety risk involved. You can detect a gas leak due to the characteristic smell of LPG and natural gas which are the gases usually used to fuel gas boilers.

When you need gas and boiler leaks Birmingham services, a company such as Eco Efficient is the ideal partner to have by your side. For starters, we understand the need for safety in such a situation and we know what to do to limit the risks posed by a gas leak. We will take all the necessary precautions to protect lives and property before we get started on the job. Our quick response to such situations is one of the most important aspects of our service. You’ll want this type of problem handled quickly in order to return to using your boiler safely.

Gas Safe meaning certifies our technical experts they have the skills necessary to handle emergencies that may be caused by a gas leak. Our people have undergone intensive training needed to handle problems that may cause problems such as leaks in various types of boilers. Thanks to the great deal of experience our company has, we know what needs to be done depending on the type of boiler that you’re using.

Although many of our customers are private homes, we also provide our services to commercial buildings using much larger boiler systems. The stakes are higher when handling these types of systems and it can be challenging to even identify the location of the leak. However, Eco Efficient’s personnel work with state of the art equipment to identify the problem. Contact us by calling our number or you can schedule a meeting through our website.

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